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Silver Rate in india

History of silver price in india metro cities

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Date 1gm 1Kg 1gm 1Kg
29-Apr-2016 Rs.45.70 Rs.42690.00 Rs.45.50 Rs.42565.00
28-Apr-2016 Rs.44.30 Rs.41385.00 Rs.44.60 Rs.41665.00
27-Apr-2016 Rs.44.30 Rs.41405.00 Rs.44.40 Rs.41510.00
26-Apr-2016 Rs.43.70 Rs.40880.00 Rs.43.70 Rs.40820.00
25-Apr-2016 Rs.43.70 Rs.40810.00 Rs.43.40 Rs.40520.00
23-Apr-2016 Rs.44.00 Rs.41155.00 Rs.44.00 Rs.41155.00
22-Apr-2016 Rs.43.80 Rs.40940.00 Rs.44.00 Rs.41155.00
21-Apr-2016 Rs.44.10 Rs.41230.00 Rs.44.50 Rs.41550.00
20-Apr-2016 Rs.43.80 Rs.40920.00 Rs.43.30 Rs.40455.00
19-Apr-2016 Rs.41.60 Rs.38860.00 Rs.41.60 Rs.38860.00
18-Apr-2016 Rs.41.60 Rs.38920.00 Rs.41.60 Rs.38860.00
15-Apr-2016 Rs.41.50 Rs.38800.00 Rs.41.70 Rs.39015.00
14-Apr-2016 Rs.41.20 Rs.38495.00 Rs.41.20 Rs.38495.00
13-Apr-2016 Rs.41.30 Rs.38585.00 Rs.41.20 Rs.38495.00
12-Apr-2016 Rs.40.70 Rs.38005.00 Rs.41.20 Rs.38495.00
11-Apr-2016 Rs.39.70 Rs.37115.00 Rs.39.70 Rs.37180.00
09-Apr-2016 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00
08-Apr-2016 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00
07-Apr-2016 Rs.38.90 Rs.36390.00 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00
06-Apr-2016 Rs.38.80 Rs.36270.00 Rs.39.00 Rs.36425.00
05-Apr-2016 Rs.38.60 Rs.36035.00 Rs.38.90 Rs.36315.00
04-Apr-2016 Rs.38.50 Rs.36000.00 Rs.38.30 Rs.35765.00
02-Apr-2016 Rs.38.60 Rs.36050.00 Rs.38.60 Rs.36050.00
01-Apr-2016 Rs.39.40 Rs.36780.00 Rs.39.60 Rs.37015.00
31-Mar-2016 Rs.39.00 Rs.36495.00 Rs.39.30 Rs.36715.00
30-Mar-2016 Rs.39.30 Rs.36700.00 Rs.39.20 Rs.36770.00
29-Mar-2016 Rs.39.00 Rs.36455.00 Rs.38.80 Rs.36265.00
28-Mar-2016 Rs.39.10 Rs.36570.00 Rs.39.10 Rs.36545.00
26-Mar-2016 Rs.39.30 Rs.36685.00 Rs.39.30 Rs.36685.00
25-Mar-2016 Rs.39.30 Rs.36685.00 Rs.39.30 Rs.36685.00
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