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Silver Rate in india

History of silver price in india metro cities

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Date 1gm 1Kg 1gm 1Kg
28-Dec-2017 Rs.41.60 Rs.41600.00
27-Dec-2017 Rs.41.00 Rs.41000.00
26-Dec-2017 Rs.40.70 Rs.40700.00
25-Dec-2017 Rs.40.10 Rs.40100.00 Rs.40.10 Rs.40100.00
21-Dec-2017 Rs.40.30 Rs.40300.00
19-Dec-2017 Rs.40.20 Rs.40200.00
18-Dec-2017 Rs.40.10 Rs.40100.00 Rs.40.20 Rs.40200.00
15-Dec-2017 Rs.39.50 Rs.39500.00
14-Dec-2017 Rs.40.10 Rs.40100.00 Rs.39.90 Rs.39900.00
13-Dec-2017 Rs.39.10 Rs.39100.00 Rs.39.10 Rs.39100.00
11-Dec-2017 Rs.39.50 Rs.39500.00
08-Dec-2017 Rs.39.20 Rs.39200.00
07-Dec-2017 Rs.39.80 Rs.39800.00 Rs.39.70 Rs.39700.00
06-Dec-2017 Rs.40.00 Rs.40000.00 Rs.40.20 Rs.40200.00
05-Dec-2017 Rs.40.60 Rs.40600.00 Rs.40.50 Rs.40500.00
04-Dec-2017 Rs.40.70 Rs.40700.00 Rs.40.60 Rs.40600.00
01-Dec-2017 Rs.40.90 Rs.40900.00
30-Nov-2017 Rs.41.30 Rs.41300.00 Rs.41.20 Rs.41200.00
29-Nov-2017 Rs.41.90 Rs.41900.00 Rs.41.80 Rs.41800.00
28-Nov-2017 Rs.42.50 Rs.42500.00 Rs.42.30 Rs.42300.00
27-Nov-2017 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
24-Nov-2017 Rs.42.80 Rs.42800.00 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
23-Nov-2017 Rs.42.90 Rs.42900.00
22-Nov-2017 Rs.42.00 Rs.42000.00 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
21-Nov-2017 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
20-Nov-2017 Rs.43.30 Rs.43300.00 Rs.43.10 Rs.43100.00
17-Nov-2017 Rs.42.80 Rs.42800.00
16-Nov-2017 Rs.42.80 Rs.42800.00
15-Nov-2017 Rs.43.00 Rs.43000.00 Rs.43.00 Rs.43000.00
14-Nov-2017 Rs.42.90 Rs.42900.00
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