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Silver Rate in india

History of silver price in india metro cities

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Date 1gm 1Kg 1gm 1Kg
19-Jan-2016 Rs.36.50 Rs.34070.00 Rs.36.90 Rs.34470.00
18-Jan-2016 Rs.36.50 Rs.34115.00 Rs.36.40 Rs.34005.00
16-Jan-2016 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00
15-Jan-2016 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00
14-Jan-2016 Rs.36.60 Rs.34220.00 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00
13-Jan-2016 Rs.35.60 Rs.33295.00 Rs.35.70 Rs.33360.00
12-Jan-2016 Rs.35.90 Rs.33540.00 Rs.35.90 Rs.33535.00
11-Jan-2016 Rs.36.10 Rs.33750.00 Rs.36.10 Rs.33710.00
09-Jan-2016 Rs.36.20 Rs.33865.00 Rs.36.20 Rs.33865.00
08-Jan-2016 Rs.36.60 Rs.34220.00 Rs.36.20 Rs.33865.00
07-Jan-2016 Rs.36.40 Rs.34045.00 Rs.36.10 Rs.33755.00
06-Jan-2016 Rs.36.00 Rs.33640.00 Rs.36.10 Rs.33760.00
05-Jan-2016 Rs.35.90 Rs.33505.00 Rs.36.00 Rs.33670.00
04-Jan-2016 Rs.35.70 Rs.33320.00 Rs.35.90 Rs.33515.00
02-Jan-2016 Rs.35.30 Rs.32965.00 Rs.35.30 Rs.32965.00
01-Jan-2016 Rs.35.40 Rs.33080.00 Rs.35.40 Rs.33130.00
31-Dec-2015 Rs.35.70 Rs.33405.00 Rs.35.50 Rs.33150.00
30-Dec-2015 Rs.35.90 Rs.33545.00 Rs.35.70 Rs.33370.00
29-Dec-2015 Rs.35.80 Rs.33490.00 Rs.35.90 Rs.33565.00
28-Dec-2015 Rs.36.70 Rs.34275.00 Rs.36.00 Rs.33670.00
26-Dec-2015 Rs.36.50 Rs.34055.00 Rs.36.50 Rs.34055.00
25-Dec-2015 Rs.36.40 Rs.34055.00 Rs.36.40 Rs.34055.00
24-Dec-2015 Rs.36.40 Rs.34055.00 Rs.36.40 Rs.34055.00
23-Dec-2015 Rs.36.50 Rs.34135.00 Rs.36.40 Rs.34055.00
22-Dec-2015 Rs.36.40 Rs.34020.00 Rs.36.60 Rs.34230.00
21-Dec-2015 Rs.36.30 Rs.33900.00 Rs.36.40 Rs.34035.00
19-Dec-2015 Rs.36.10 Rs.33785.00 Rs.36.10 Rs.33785.00
18-Dec-2015 Rs.35.40 Rs.33050.00 Rs.35.40 Rs.33050.00
17-Dec-2015 Rs.36.20 Rs.33860.00 Rs.36.30 Rs.33905.00
16-Dec-2015 Rs.35.70 Rs.33395.00 Rs.35.70 Rs.33350.00
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