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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
22-Jul-15 Rs.2363.00 Rs.18904.00 25-Jul-15 Rs.36.20 Rs.33825.00
25-Jul-15 Rs.2377.00 Rs.19016.00 22-Jul-15 Rs.36.20 Rs.33860.00
27-Jul-15 Rs.2378.00 Rs.19024.00 20-Jul-15 Rs.36.40 Rs.34020.00
23-Jul-15 Rs.2380.00 Rs.19040.00 21-Jul-15 Rs.36.40 Rs.34030.00
21-Jul-15 Rs.2385.00 Rs.19080.00 27-Jul-15 Rs.36.45 Rs.34075.00
20-Jul-15 Rs.2402.00 Rs.19216.00 18-Jul-15 Rs.36.50 Rs.34155.00
18-Jul-15 Rs.2434.00 Rs.19472.00 23-Jul-15 Rs.36.70 Rs.34260.00
17-Jul-15 Rs.2441.00 Rs.19528.00 17-Jul-15 Rs.36.80 Rs.34405.00
16-Jul-15 Rs.2450.00 Rs.19600.00 08-Jul-15 Rs.36.90 Rs.34455.00
14-Jul-15 Rs.2457.00 Rs.19656.00 16-Jul-15 Rs.37.10 Rs.34700.00
08-Jul-15 Rs.2458.00 Rs.19664.00 14-Jul-15 Rs.37.70 Rs.35250.00
15-Jul-15 Rs.2458.00 Rs.19664.00 15-Jul-15 Rs.37.80 Rs.35300.00
13-Jul-15 Rs.2465.00 Rs.19720.00 09-Jul-15 Rs.37.80 Rs.35315.00
11-Jul-15 Rs.2465.00 Rs.19720.00 10-Jul-15 Rs.37.90 Rs.35390.00
10-Jul-15 Rs.2467.00 Rs.19736.00 13-Jul-15 Rs.38.00 Rs.35500.00
09-Jul-15 Rs.2476.00 Rs.19808.00 03-Jul-15 Rs.38.30 Rs.35815.00
07-Jul-15 Rs.2477.00 Rs.19816.00 04-Jul-15 Rs.38.40 Rs.35845.00