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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
02-Sep-16 Rs.2929.00 Rs.23432.00 31-Aug-16 Rs.48.60 Rs.45460.00
31-Aug-16 Rs.2943.00 Rs.23544.00 30-Aug-16 Rs.48.70 Rs.45485.00
05-Sep-16 Rs.2945.00 Rs.23560.00 02-Sep-16 Rs.48.80 Rs.45610.00
03-Sep-16 Rs.2945.00 Rs.23560.00 13-Sep-16 Rs.48.90 Rs.45695.00
06-Sep-16 Rs.2947.00 Rs.23576.00 12-Sep-16 Rs.48.90 Rs.45715.00
19-Sep-16 Rs.2955.00 Rs.23640.00 16-Sep-16 Rs.49.00 Rs.45840.00
16-Sep-16 Rs.2955.00 Rs.23640.00 15-Sep-16 Rs.49.00 Rs.45840.00
14-Sep-16 Rs.2958.00 Rs.23664.00 29-Sep-16 Rs.49.20 Rs.45940.00
30-Aug-16 Rs.2958.00 Rs.23664.00 14-Sep-16 Rs.49.20 Rs.46005.00
13-Sep-16 Rs.2958.00 Rs.23664.00 19-Sep-16 Rs.49.30 Rs.46110.00
20-Sep-16 Rs.2959.00 Rs.23672.00 20-Sep-16 Rs.49.70 Rs.46425.00
15-Sep-16 Rs.2960.00 Rs.23680.00 27-Sep-16 Rs.49.80 Rs.46525.00
21-Sep-16 Rs.2962.00 Rs.23696.00 05-Sep-16 Rs.50.00 Rs.46760.00
29-Sep-16 Rs.2966.00 Rs.23728.00 06-Sep-16 Rs.50.00 Rs.46760.00
12-Sep-16 Rs.2969.00 Rs.23752.00 03-Sep-16 Rs.50.00 Rs.46770.00
09-Sep-16 Rs.2970.00 Rs.23760.00 10-Sep-16 Rs.50.10 Rs.46835.00
27-Sep-16 Rs.2973.00 Rs.23784.00 21-Sep-16 Rs.50.10 Rs.46850.00