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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
05-Dec-16 Rs.2735.00 Rs.21880.00 25-Nov-16 Rs.43.00 Rs.40190.00
03-Dec-16 Rs.2762.00 Rs.22096.00 01-Dec-16 Rs.43.30 Rs.40475.00
01-Dec-16 Rs.2765.00 Rs.22120.00 26-Nov-16 Rs.43.30 Rs.40495.00
02-Dec-16 Rs.2767.00 Rs.22136.00 07-Dec-16 Rs.43.50 Rs.40650.00
25-Nov-16 Rs.2785.00 Rs.22280.00 19-Nov-16 Rs.43.60 Rs.40735.00
24-Nov-16 Rs.2804.00 Rs.22432.00 02-Dec-16 Rs.43.70 Rs.40795.00
26-Nov-16 Rs.2805.00 Rs.22440.00 18-Nov-16 Rs.43.70 Rs.40825.00
30-Nov-16 Rs.2811.00 Rs.22488.00 03-Dec-16 Rs.43.90 Rs.41025.00
29-Nov-16 Rs.2815.00 Rs.22520.00 21-Nov-16 Rs.43.90 Rs.41055.00
28-Nov-16 Rs.2822.00 Rs.22576.00 05-Dec-16 Rs.43.90 Rs.41065.00
18-Nov-16 Rs.2830.00 Rs.22640.00 29-Nov-16 Rs.43.90 Rs.41070.00
19-Nov-16 Rs.2832.00 Rs.22656.00 23-Nov-16 Rs.44.00 Rs.41080.00
21-Nov-16 Rs.2840.00 Rs.22720.00 30-Nov-16 Rs.44.20 Rs.41275.00
23-Nov-16 Rs.2856.00 Rs.22848.00 28-Nov-16 Rs.44.40 Rs.41505.00
17-Nov-16 Rs.2865.00 Rs.22920.00 15-Nov-16 Rs.44.50 Rs.41550.00
16-Nov-16 Rs.2902.00 Rs.23216.00 17-Nov-16 Rs.44.50 Rs.41595.00
15-Nov-16 Rs.2906.00 Rs.23248.00 16-Nov-16 Rs.44.80 Rs.41830.00