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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
02-Apr-16 Rs.2690.00 Rs.21520.00 02-Apr-16 Rs.38.60 Rs.36050.00
31-Mar-16 Rs.2703.00 Rs.21624.00 05-Apr-16 Rs.38.90 Rs.36315.00
01-Apr-16 Rs.2706.00 Rs.21648.00 06-Apr-16 Rs.39.00 Rs.36425.00
30-Mar-16 Rs.2721.00 Rs.21768.00 09-Apr-16 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00
06-Apr-16 Rs.2722.00 Rs.21776.00 08-Apr-16 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00
05-Apr-16 Rs.2726.00 Rs.21808.00 07-Apr-16 Rs.39.20 Rs.36620.00
07-Apr-16 Rs.2740.00 Rs.21920.00 30-Mar-16 Rs.39.30 Rs.36715.00
08-Apr-16 Rs.2742.00 Rs.21936.00 31-Mar-16 Rs.39.30 Rs.36770.00
15-Apr-16 Rs.2746.00 Rs.21968.00 01-Apr-16 Rs.39.60 Rs.37015.00
09-Apr-16 Rs.2753.00 Rs.22024.00 11-Apr-16 Rs.39.70 Rs.37180.00
13-Apr-16 Rs.2760.00 Rs.22080.00 14-Apr-16 Rs.41.20 Rs.38495.00
11-Apr-16 Rs.2766.00 Rs.22128.00 12-Apr-16 Rs.41.20 Rs.38495.00
23-Apr-16 Rs.2768.00 Rs.22144.00 13-Apr-16 Rs.41.30 Rs.38585.00
18-Apr-16 Rs.2768.00 Rs.22144.00 18-Apr-16 Rs.41.60 Rs.38860.00
14-Apr-16 Rs.2770.00 Rs.22160.00 19-Apr-16 Rs.41.60 Rs.38920.00
25-Apr-16 Rs.2772.00 Rs.22176.00 15-Apr-16 Rs.41.70 Rs.39015.00
19-Apr-16 Rs.2775.00 Rs.22200.00 26-Apr-16 Rs.43.70 Rs.40810.00