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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
17-Oct-16 Rs.2827.00 Rs.22616.00 08-Oct-16 Rs.44.70 Rs.41800.00
08-Oct-16 Rs.2829.00 Rs.22632.00 07-Oct-16 Rs.44.70 Rs.41800.00
18-Oct-16 Rs.2829.00 Rs.22632.00 17-Oct-16 Rs.44.90 Rs.41970.00
07-Oct-16 Rs.2830.00 Rs.22640.00 21-Oct-16 Rs.45.10 Rs.42130.00
14-Oct-16 Rs.2833.00 Rs.22664.00 14-Oct-16 Rs.45.20 Rs.42205.00
19-Oct-16 Rs.2837.00 Rs.22696.00 24-Oct-16 Rs.45.30 Rs.42300.00
12-Oct-16 Rs.2838.00 Rs.22704.00 19-Oct-16 Rs.45.30 Rs.42340.00
11-Oct-16 Rs.2838.00 Rs.22704.00 13-Oct-16 Rs.45.40 Rs.42435.00
10-Oct-16 Rs.2841.00 Rs.22728.00 18-Oct-16 Rs.45.50 Rs.42490.00
24-Oct-16 Rs.2842.00 Rs.22736.00 06-Oct-16 Rs.45.50 Rs.42490.00
13-Oct-16 Rs.2842.00 Rs.22736.00 20-Oct-16 Rs.45.50 Rs.42525.00
06-Oct-16 Rs.2842.00 Rs.22736.00 12-Oct-16 Rs.45.60 Rs.42585.00
21-Oct-16 Rs.2843.00 Rs.22744.00 11-Oct-16 Rs.45.60 Rs.43065.00
20-Oct-16 Rs.2855.00 Rs.22840.00 10-Oct-16 Rs.45.60 Rs.45195.00
05-Oct-16 Rs.2861.00 Rs.22888.00 05-Oct-16 Rs.46.10 Rs.45600.00
04-Oct-16 Rs.2932.00 Rs.23456.00 04-Oct-16 Rs.48.40 Rs.45600.00
03-Oct-16 Rs.2939.00 Rs.23512.00 28-Sep-16 Rs.48.80 Rs.45645.00