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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
04-Jul-16 Rs.2914.00 Rs.23312.00 30-Jun-16 Rs.47.90 Rs.44725.00
25-Jul-16 Rs.2917.00 Rs.23336.00 01-Jul-16 Rs.49.90 Rs.46650.00
29-Jun-16 Rs.2919.00 Rs.23352.00 21-Jul-16 Rs.50.40 Rs.47105.00
21-Jul-16 Rs.2920.00 Rs.23360.00 25-Jul-16 Rs.50.50 Rs.47195.00
02-Jul-16 Rs.2921.00 Rs.23368.00 27-Jul-16 Rs.50.70 Rs.47375.00
01-Jul-16 Rs.2926.00 Rs.23408.00 23-Jul-16 Rs.50.70 Rs.47420.00
23-Jul-16 Rs.2927.00 Rs.23416.00 26-Jul-16 Rs.50.90 Rs.47610.00
05-Jul-16 Rs.2932.00 Rs.23456.00 09-Jul-16 Rs.51.10 Rs.47720.00
22-Jul-16 Rs.2933.00 Rs.23464.00 22-Jul-16 Rs.51.20 Rs.47880.00
27-Jul-16 Rs.2934.00 Rs.23472.00 08-Jul-16 Rs.51.30 Rs.47925.00
18-Jul-16 Rs.2936.00 Rs.23488.00 02-Jul-16 Rs.51.30 Rs.47925.00
14-Jul-16 Rs.2936.00 Rs.23488.00 20-Jul-16 Rs.51.60 Rs.48185.00
26-Jul-16 Rs.2939.00 Rs.23512.00 18-Jul-16 Rs.51.70 Rs.48300.00
15-Jul-16 Rs.2940.00 Rs.23520.00 19-Jul-16 Rs.51.70 Rs.48360.00
20-Jul-16 Rs.2941.00 Rs.23528.00 05-Jul-16 Rs.51.90 Rs.48490.00
13-Jul-16 Rs.2943.00 Rs.23544.00 15-Jul-16 Rs.52.20 Rs.48760.00
19-Jul-16 Rs.2944.00 Rs.23552.00 16-Jul-16 Rs.52.30 Rs.48840.00