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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
07-Nov-14 Rs.2424.00 Rs.19392.00 07-Nov-14 Rs.36.90 Rs.34455.00
11-Nov-14 Rs.2433.00 Rs.19464.00 14-Nov-14 Rs.37.10 Rs.34695.00
05-Nov-14 Rs.2445.00 Rs.19560.00 11-Nov-14 Rs.37.40 Rs.34950.00
14-Nov-14 Rs.2448.00 Rs.19584.00 13-Nov-14 Rs.37.40 Rs.34980.00
12-Nov-14 Rs.2453.00 Rs.19624.00 05-Nov-14 Rs.37.50 Rs.35000.00
13-Nov-14 Rs.2455.00 Rs.19640.00 12-Nov-14 Rs.37.50 Rs.35050.00
03-Nov-14 Rs.2459.00 Rs.19672.00 10-Nov-14 Rs.37.90 Rs.35380.00
04-Nov-14 Rs.2464.00 Rs.19712.00 03-Nov-14 Rs.38.10 Rs.35640.00
10-Nov-14 Rs.2466.00 Rs.19728.00 04-Nov-14 Rs.38.10 Rs.35640.00
08-Nov-14 Rs.2468.00 Rs.19744.00 01-Nov-14 Rs.38.60 Rs.36040.00
01-Nov-14 Rs.2470.00 Rs.19760.00 20-Nov-14 Rs.38.70 Rs.36150.00
17-Nov-14 Rs.2492.00 Rs.19936.00 17-Nov-14 Rs.38.70 Rs.36160.00
31-Oct-14 Rs.2501.00 Rs.20008.00 19-Nov-14 Rs.38.80 Rs.36280.00
20-Nov-14 Rs.2502.00 Rs.20016.00 31-Oct-14 Rs.38.80 Rs.36285.00
21-Nov-14 Rs.2506.00 Rs.20048.00 21-Nov-14 Rs.38.90 Rs.36360.00
15-Nov-14 Rs.2509.00 Rs.20072.00 18-Nov-14 Rs.39.00 Rs.36435.00
18-Nov-14 Rs.2515.00 Rs.20120.00 15-Nov-14 Rs.39.10 Rs.36500.00