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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
28-Mar-14 Rs.2697.00 Rs.21576.00 16-Apr-14 Rs.45.40 Rs.42425.00
01-Apr-14 Rs.2698.00 Rs.21584.00 17-Apr-14 Rs.45.50 Rs.42475.00
29-Mar-14 Rs.2700.00 Rs.21600.00 19-Apr-14 Rs.45.70 Rs.42540.00
31-Mar-14 Rs.2702.00 Rs.21616.00 29-Mar-14 Rs.45.80 Rs.42715.00
27-Mar-14 Rs.2710.00 Rs.21680.00 01-Apr-14 Rs.45.80 Rs.42820.00
03-Apr-14 Rs.2715.00 Rs.21720.00 02-Apr-14 Rs.45.80 Rs.42825.00
04-Apr-14 Rs.2725.00 Rs.21800.00 18-Apr-14 Rs.45.90 Rs.42830.00
05-Apr-14 Rs.2733.00 Rs.21864.00 23-Apr-14 Rs.45.90 Rs.42855.00
07-Apr-14 Rs.2738.00 Rs.21904.00 27-Mar-14 Rs.45.90 Rs.42935.00
26-Mar-14 Rs.2738.00 Rs.21904.00 28-Mar-14 Rs.46.00 Rs.42985.00
08-Apr-14 Rs.2749.00 Rs.21992.00 07-Apr-14 Rs.46.00 Rs.43000.00
09-Apr-14 Rs.2760.00 Rs.22080.00 31-Mar-14 Rs.46.10 Rs.43085.00
25-Mar-14 Rs.2761.00 Rs.22088.00 14-Apr-14 Rs.46.20 Rs.43165.00
10-Apr-14 Rs.2775.00 Rs.22200.00 15-Apr-14 Rs.46.30 Rs.43230.00
11-Apr-14 Rs.2778.00 Rs.22224.00 05-Apr-14 Rs.46.30 Rs.43235.00
12-Apr-14 Rs.2787.00 Rs.22296.00 03-Apr-14 Rs.46.30 Rs.43295.00
16-Apr-14 Rs.2792.00 Rs.22336.00 12-Apr-14 Rs.46.40 Rs.43335.00