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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
19-Jun-17 Rs.2757.00 Rs.22056.00 20-Jun-17 Rs.41.30 Rs.41300.00
21-Jun-17 Rs.2759.00 Rs.22072.00 19-Jun-17 Rs.41.50 Rs.41500.00
16-Jun-17 Rs.2764.00 Rs.22112.00 23-Jun-17 Rs.41.60 Rs.41600.00
24-May-17 Rs.2770.00 Rs.22160.00 16-Jun-17 Rs.41.70 Rs.41700.00
25-May-17 Rs.2770.00 Rs.22160.00 14-Jun-17 Rs.41.90 Rs.41900.00
15-Jun-17 Rs.2772.00 Rs.22176.00 15-Jun-17 Rs.42.00 Rs.42000.00
23-Jun-17 Rs.2772.00 Rs.22176.00 24-May-17 Rs.42.50 Rs.42500.00
02-Jun-17 Rs.2772.00 Rs.22176.00 12-Jun-17 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
31-May-17 Rs.2775.00 Rs.22200.00 02-Jun-17 Rs.42.70 Rs.42700.00
26-May-17 Rs.2776.00 Rs.22208.00 25-May-17 Rs.42.70 Rs.42700.00
29-May-17 Rs.2783.00 Rs.22264.00 31-May-17 Rs.43.00 Rs.43000.00
14-Jun-17 Rs.2786.00 Rs.22288.00 26-May-17 Rs.43.00 Rs.43000.00
12-Jun-17 Rs.2789.00 Rs.22312.00 01-Jun-17 Rs.43.10 Rs.43100.00
01-Jun-17 Rs.2792.00 Rs.22336.00 29-May-17 Rs.43.10 Rs.43100.00
05-Jun-17 Rs.2816.00 Rs.22528.00 05-Jun-17 Rs.43.60 Rs.43600.00
06-Jun-17 Rs.2828.00 Rs.22624.00 06-Jun-17 Rs.43.80 Rs.43800.00
07-Jun-17 Rs.2833.00 Rs.22664.00 07-Jun-17 Rs.43.80 Rs.43800.00