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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
02-Jun-16 Rs.2737.00 Rs.21896.00 02-Jun-16 Rs.41.50 Rs.38825.00
01-Jun-16 Rs.2743.00 Rs.21944.00 03-Jun-16 Rs.41.80 Rs.39075.00
06-Jun-16 Rs.2777.00 Rs.22216.00 04-Jun-16 Rs.42.50 Rs.39690.00
07-Jun-16 Rs.2777.00 Rs.22216.00 06-Jun-16 Rs.42.50 Rs.39695.00
04-Jun-16 Rs.2781.00 Rs.22248.00 07-Jun-16 Rs.42.50 Rs.39755.00
08-Jun-16 Rs.2789.00 Rs.22312.00 08-Jun-16 Rs.43.00 Rs.40205.00
09-Jun-16 Rs.2806.00 Rs.22448.00 09-Jun-16 Rs.44.20 Rs.41265.00
10-Jun-16 Rs.2818.00 Rs.22544.00 11-Jun-16 Rs.44.40 Rs.41510.00
23-Jun-16 Rs.2827.00 Rs.22616.00 10-Jun-16 Rs.44.50 Rs.41590.00
11-Jun-16 Rs.2841.00 Rs.22728.00 13-Jun-16 Rs.44.80 Rs.41835.00
22-Jun-16 Rs.2851.00 Rs.22808.00 14-Jun-16 Rs.44.90 Rs.41975.00
14-Jun-16 Rs.2861.00 Rs.22888.00 22-Jun-16 Rs.45.00 Rs.42020.00
13-Jun-16 Rs.2865.00 Rs.22920.00 17-Jun-16 Rs.45.10 Rs.42140.00
17-Jun-16 Rs.2870.00 Rs.22960.00 15-Jun-16 Rs.45.10 Rs.42175.00
15-Jun-16 Rs.2872.00 Rs.22976.00 23-Jun-16 Rs.45.20 Rs.42240.00
20-Jun-16 Rs.2876.00 Rs.23008.00 18-Jun-16 Rs.45.20 Rs.42280.00
21-Jun-16 Rs.2885.00 Rs.23080.00 20-Jun-16 Rs.45.30 Rs.42305.00