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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
24-Jul-14 Rs.2641.00 Rs.21128.00 29-Jul-14 Rs.47.40 Rs.44305.00
16-Jul-14 Rs.2642.00 Rs.21136.00 28-Jul-14 Rs.47.90 Rs.44755.00
08-Jul-14 Rs.2646.00 Rs.21168.00 16-Jul-14 Rs.48.10 Rs.44975.00
26-Jul-14 Rs.2651.00 Rs.21208.00 24-Jul-14 Rs.48.20 Rs.45055.00
03-Jul-14 Rs.2653.00 Rs.21224.00 22-Jul-14 Rs.48.40 Rs.45260.00
22-Jul-14 Rs.2654.00 Rs.21232.00 03-Jul-14 Rs.48.50 Rs.45315.00
29-Jul-14 Rs.2654.00 Rs.21232.00 08-Jul-14 Rs.48.50 Rs.45340.00
04-Jul-14 Rs.2655.00 Rs.21240.00 15-Jul-14 Rs.48.60 Rs.45465.00
05-Jul-14 Rs.2658.00 Rs.21264.00 04-Jul-14 Rs.48.70 Rs.45490.00
28-Jul-14 Rs.2659.00 Rs.21272.00 21-Jul-14 Rs.48.70 Rs.45495.00
23-Jul-14 Rs.2659.00 Rs.21272.00 09-Jul-14 Rs.48.70 Rs.45500.00
30-Jun-14 Rs.2662.00 Rs.21296.00 23-Jul-14 Rs.48.90 Rs.45545.00
09-Jul-14 Rs.2666.00 Rs.21328.00 18-Jul-14 Rs.49.00 Rs.45780.00
15-Jul-14 Rs.2670.00 Rs.21360.00 14-Jul-14 Rs.49.20 Rs.46020.00
21-Jul-14 Rs.2670.00 Rs.21360.00 10-Jul-14 Rs.49.50 Rs.46300.00
18-Jul-14 Rs.2681.00 Rs.21448.00 12-Jul-14 Rs.49.60 Rs.46325.00
01-Jul-14 Rs.2688.00 Rs.21504.00 11-Jul-14 Rs.49.80 Rs.46525.00