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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
06-Jan-16 Rs.2432.00 Rs.19456.00 12-Jan-16 Rs.35.90 Rs.33540.00
15-Jan-16 Rs.2459.00 Rs.19672.00 06-Jan-16 Rs.36.10 Rs.33750.00
12-Jan-16 Rs.2461.00 Rs.19688.00 11-Jan-16 Rs.36.10 Rs.33760.00
08-Jan-16 Rs.2462.00 Rs.19696.00 09-Jan-16 Rs.36.20 Rs.33865.00
09-Jan-16 Rs.2464.00 Rs.19712.00 07-Jan-16 Rs.36.40 Rs.34045.00
07-Jan-16 Rs.2466.00 Rs.19728.00 18-Jan-16 Rs.36.50 Rs.34115.00
14-Jan-16 Rs.2467.00 Rs.19736.00 08-Jan-16 Rs.36.60 Rs.34220.00
11-Jan-16 Rs.2470.00 Rs.19760.00 23-Jan-16 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00
19-Jan-16 Rs.2471.00 Rs.19768.00 16-Jan-16 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00
18-Jan-16 Rs.2477.00 Rs.19816.00 15-Jan-16 Rs.36.80 Rs.34335.00
16-Jan-16 Rs.2481.00 Rs.19848.00 14-Jan-16 Rs.36.80 Rs.34425.00
20-Jan-16 Rs.2482.00 Rs.19856.00 19-Jan-16 Rs.36.90 Rs.34470.00
23-Jan-16 Rs.2487.00 Rs.19896.00 26-Jan-16 Rs.36.90 Rs.34480.00
22-Jan-16 Rs.2496.00 Rs.19968.00 22-Jan-16 Rs.36.90 Rs.34505.00
25-Jan-16 Rs.2504.00 Rs.20032.00 25-Jan-16 Rs.36.90 Rs.34505.00
21-Jan-16 Rs.2508.00 Rs.20064.00 20-Jan-16 Rs.37.10 Rs.34650.00
26-Jan-16 Rs.2525.00 Rs.20200.00 21-Jan-16 Rs.37.20 Rs.34800.00