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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
19-Sep-14 Rs.2521.00 Rs.20168.00 19-Sep-14 Rs.43.40 Rs.40605.00
18-Sep-14 Rs.2533.00 Rs.20264.00 12-Sep-14 Rs.43.60 Rs.40765.00
17-Sep-14 Rs.2553.00 Rs.20424.00 18-Sep-14 Rs.43.70 Rs.40880.00
12-Sep-14 Rs.2553.00 Rs.20424.00 17-Sep-14 Rs.44.10 Rs.41205.00
11-Sep-14 Rs.2574.00 Rs.20592.00 11-Sep-14 Rs.44.50 Rs.41555.00
10-Sep-14 Rs.2591.00 Rs.20728.00 08-Sep-14 Rs.44.90 Rs.41935.00
08-Sep-14 Rs.2595.00 Rs.20760.00 04-Sep-14 Rs.44.90 Rs.41980.00
03-Sep-14 Rs.2606.00 Rs.20848.00 03-Sep-14 Rs.45.10 Rs.42165.00
04-Sep-14 Rs.2608.00 Rs.20864.00 25-Aug-14 Rs.45.20 Rs.42225.00
25-Aug-14 Rs.2621.00 Rs.20968.00 27-Aug-14 Rs.45.40 Rs.42390.00
23-Aug-14 Rs.2626.00 Rs.21008.00 01-Sep-14 Rs.45.50 Rs.42510.00
22-Aug-14 Rs.2628.00 Rs.21024.00 26-Aug-14 Rs.45.60 Rs.42575.00
02-Sep-14 Rs.2629.00 Rs.21032.00 28-Aug-14 Rs.46.20 Rs.43170.00
27-Aug-14 Rs.2632.00 Rs.21056.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
01-Sep-14 Rs.2638.00 Rs.21104.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
26-Aug-14 Rs.2640.00 Rs.21120.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
28-Aug-14 Rs.2643.00 Rs.21144.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00