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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
05-Aug-15 Rs.2350.00 Rs.18800.00 05-Aug-15 Rs.35.80 Rs.33465.00
31-Jul-15 Rs.2356.00 Rs.18848.00 06-Aug-15 Rs.36.00 Rs.33630.00
04-Aug-15 Rs.2356.00 Rs.18848.00 31-Jul-15 Rs.36.25 Rs.33895.00
07-Aug-15 Rs.2360.00 Rs.18880.00 27-Aug-15 Rs.36.30 Rs.33935.00
08-Aug-15 Rs.2364.00 Rs.18912.00 03-Aug-15 Rs.36.30 Rs.33970.00
10-Aug-15 Rs.2365.00 Rs.18920.00 07-Aug-15 Rs.36.40 Rs.34015.00
03-Aug-15 Rs.2374.00 Rs.18992.00 08-Aug-15 Rs.36.55 Rs.34180.00
01-Aug-15 Rs.2377.00 Rs.19016.00 10-Aug-15 Rs.36.70 Rs.34305.00
11-Aug-15 Rs.2414.00 Rs.19312.00 01-Aug-15 Rs.36.70 Rs.34320.00
12-Aug-15 Rs.2428.00 Rs.19424.00 26-Aug-15 Rs.37.30 Rs.34890.00
15-Aug-15 Rs.2448.00 Rs.19584.00 19-Aug-15 Rs.37.60 Rs.35165.00
14-Aug-15 Rs.2448.00 Rs.19584.00 12-Aug-15 Rs.38.00 Rs.35540.00
13-Aug-15 Rs.2454.00 Rs.19632.00 11-Aug-15 Rs.38.05 Rs.35560.00
17-Aug-15 Rs.2461.00 Rs.19688.00 25-Aug-15 Rs.38.15 Rs.35660.00
19-Aug-15 Rs.2468.00 Rs.19744.00 17-Aug-15 Rs.38.50 Rs.35985.00
18-Aug-15 Rs.2472.00 Rs.19776.00 13-Aug-15 Rs.38.55 Rs.36060.00
27-Aug-15 Rs.2496.00 Rs.19968.00 18-Aug-15 Rs.38.70 Rs.36175.00