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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
20-Sep-14 Rs.2511.00 Rs.20088.00 06-Oct-14 Rs.40.70 Rs.38070.00
06-Oct-14 Rs.2515.00 Rs.20120.00 15-Oct-14 Rs.40.90 Rs.38215.00
25-Sep-14 Rs.2517.00 Rs.20136.00 03-Oct-14 Rs.40.90 Rs.38215.00
23-Sep-14 Rs.2527.00 Rs.20216.00 10-Oct-14 Rs.41.00 Rs.38315.00
24-Sep-14 Rs.2529.00 Rs.20232.00 01-Oct-14 Rs.41.00 Rs.38315.00
07-Oct-14 Rs.2537.00 Rs.20296.00 11-Oct-14 Rs.41.10 Rs.38385.00
27-Sep-14 Rs.2540.00 Rs.20320.00 18-Oct-14 Rs.41.10 Rs.38415.00
29-Sep-14 Rs.2542.00 Rs.20336.00 02-Oct-14 Rs.41.20 Rs.38510.00
26-Sep-14 Rs.2546.00 Rs.20368.00 07-Oct-14 Rs.41.30 Rs.38570.00
01-Oct-14 Rs.2547.00 Rs.20376.00 17-Oct-14 Rs.41.30 Rs.38600.00
30-Sep-14 Rs.2549.00 Rs.20392.00 14-Oct-14 Rs.41.30 Rs.38610.00
09-Oct-14 Rs.2550.00 Rs.20400.00 09-Oct-14 Rs.41.40 Rs.38710.00
10-Oct-14 Rs.2552.00 Rs.20416.00 13-Oct-14 Rs.41.40 Rs.38730.00
08-Oct-14 Rs.2554.00 Rs.20432.00 08-Oct-14 Rs.41.50 Rs.38810.00
11-Oct-14 Rs.2555.00 Rs.20440.00 22-Sep-14 Rs.41.60 Rs.38835.00
04-Oct-14 Rs.2555.00 Rs.20440.00 25-Sep-14 Rs.41.60 Rs.38860.00
03-Oct-14 Rs.2559.00 Rs.20472.00 16-Oct-14 Rs.41.60 Rs.38880.00