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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
27-Aug-14 Rs.2632.00 Rs.21056.00 27-Aug-14 Rs.45.40 Rs.42390.00
26-Aug-14 Rs.2640.00 Rs.21120.00 21-Aug-14 Rs.45.40 Rs.42420.00
28-Aug-14 Rs.2643.00 Rs.21144.00 26-Aug-14 Rs.45.60 Rs.42575.00
30-Jul-14 Rs.2645.00 Rs.21160.00 20-Aug-14 Rs.45.60 Rs.42605.00
31-Jul-14 Rs.2650.00 Rs.21200.00 18-Aug-14 Rs.46.00 Rs.42965.00
21-Aug-14 Rs.2653.00 Rs.21224.00 19-Aug-14 Rs.46.00 Rs.43020.00
01-Aug-14 Rs.2656.00 Rs.21248.00 28-Aug-14 Rs.46.20 Rs.43170.00
05-Aug-14 Rs.2657.00 Rs.21256.00 14-Aug-14 Rs.46.90 Rs.43840.00
20-Aug-14 Rs.2668.00 Rs.21344.00 11-Aug-14 Rs.47.00 Rs.43880.00
04-Aug-14 Rs.2669.00 Rs.21352.00 06-Aug-14 Rs.47.00 Rs.43935.00
06-Aug-14 Rs.2675.00 Rs.21400.00 09-Aug-14 Rs.47.20 Rs.44120.00
19-Aug-14 Rs.2676.00 Rs.21408.00 13-Aug-14 Rs.47.30 Rs.44160.00
02-Aug-14 Rs.2678.00 Rs.21424.00 12-Aug-14 Rs.47.30 Rs.44240.00
18-Aug-14 Rs.2684.00 Rs.21472.00 07-Aug-14 Rs.47.40 Rs.44320.00
11-Aug-14 Rs.2697.00 Rs.21576.00 05-Aug-14 Rs.47.50 Rs.44355.00
07-Aug-14 Rs.2699.00 Rs.21592.00 08-Aug-14 Rs.47.70 Rs.44565.00
09-Aug-14 Rs.2704.00 Rs.21632.00 30-Jul-14 Rs.47.80 Rs.44710.00