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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
01-Nov-17 Rs.2793.00 Rs.22344.00 06-Nov-17 Rs.42.10 Rs.42100.00
02-Nov-17 Rs.2794.00 Rs.22352.00 27-Oct-17 Rs.42.20 Rs.42200.00
27-Oct-17 Rs.2801.00 Rs.22408.00 31-Oct-17 Rs.42.20 Rs.42200.00
30-Oct-17 Rs.2801.00 Rs.22408.00 01-Nov-17 Rs.42.30 Rs.42300.00
31-Oct-17 Rs.2801.00 Rs.22408.00 13-Nov-17 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
07-Nov-17 Rs.2802.00 Rs.22416.00 21-Nov-17 Rs.42.60 Rs.42600.00
21-Nov-17 Rs.2809.00 Rs.22472.00 02-Nov-17 Rs.42.70 Rs.42700.00
08-Nov-17 Rs.2810.00 Rs.22480.00 10-Nov-17 Rs.42.70 Rs.42700.00
23-Oct-17 Rs.2812.00 Rs.22496.00 07-Nov-17 Rs.42.80 Rs.42800.00
09-Nov-17 Rs.2813.00 Rs.22504.00 08-Nov-17 Rs.42.80 Rs.42800.00
16-Nov-17 Rs.2813.00 Rs.22504.00 23-Oct-17 Rs.42.80 Rs.42800.00
24-Oct-17 Rs.2819.00 Rs.22552.00 24-Oct-17 Rs.42.90 Rs.42900.00
13-Nov-17 Rs.2819.00 Rs.22552.00 15-Nov-17 Rs.43.00 Rs.43000.00
10-Nov-17 Rs.2820.00 Rs.22560.00 20-Nov-17 Rs.43.30 Rs.43300.00
15-Nov-17 Rs.2823.00 Rs.22584.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
20-Nov-17 Rs.2835.00 Rs.22680.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00 01-Jan-70 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00