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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
03-Jan-15 Rs.2538.00 Rs.20304.00 02-Jan-15 Rs.38.80 Rs.36275.00
30-Dec-14 Rs.2541.00 Rs.20328.00 05-Jan-15 Rs.39.30 Rs.36770.00
05-Jan-15 Rs.2544.00 Rs.20352.00 30-Dec-14 Rs.39.40 Rs.36785.00
09-Jan-15 Rs.2547.00 Rs.20376.00 31-Dec-14 Rs.39.70 Rs.37120.00
31-Dec-14 Rs.2553.00 Rs.20424.00 09-Jan-15 Rs.39.70 Rs.37145.00
10-Jan-15 Rs.2554.00 Rs.20432.00 10-Jan-15 Rs.39.80 Rs.37155.00
08-Jan-15 Rs.2558.00 Rs.20464.00 12-Jan-15 Rs.39.90 Rs.37265.00
12-Jan-15 Rs.2562.00 Rs.20496.00 15-Jan-15 Rs.40.00 Rs.37355.00
14-Jan-15 Rs.2564.00 Rs.20512.00 06-Jan-15 Rs.40.00 Rs.37365.00
15-Jan-15 Rs.2564.00 Rs.20512.00 08-Jan-15 Rs.40.20 Rs.37535.00
13-Jan-15 Rs.2582.00 Rs.20656.00 14-Jan-15 Rs.40.30 Rs.37630.00
06-Jan-15 Rs.2584.00 Rs.20672.00 07-Jan-15 Rs.40.30 Rs.37680.00
07-Jan-15 Rs.2589.00 Rs.20712.00 13-Jan-15 Rs.40.60 Rs.37990.00
16-Jan-15 Rs.2613.00 Rs.20904.00 16-Jan-15 Rs.40.80 Rs.38165.00
17-Jan-15 Rs.2624.00 Rs.20992.00 19-Jan-15 Rs.42.30 Rs.39500.00
19-Jan-15 Rs.2632.00 Rs.21056.00 27-Jan-15 Rs.42.50 Rs.39735.00
27-Jan-15 Rs.2640.00 Rs.21120.00 29-Jan-15 Rs.42.50 Rs.39750.00