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Gold & Silver Lowest Price in Last 30 days

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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
27-Feb-15 Rs.2523.00 Rs.20184.00 03-Mar-15 Rs.39.50 Rs.36930.00
23-Feb-15 Rs.2529.00 Rs.20232.00 20-Feb-15 Rs.39.50 Rs.36950.00
25-Feb-15 Rs.2531.00 Rs.20248.00 27-Feb-15 Rs.39.60 Rs.36990.00
21-Feb-15 Rs.2535.00 Rs.20280.00 25-Feb-15 Rs.39.70 Rs.37105.00
26-Feb-15 Rs.2536.00 Rs.20288.00 07-Feb-15 Rs.40.00 Rs.37345.00
18-Feb-15 Rs.2538.00 Rs.20304.00 19-Feb-15 Rs.40.00 Rs.37350.00
19-Feb-15 Rs.2543.00 Rs.20344.00 26-Feb-15 Rs.40.20 Rs.37570.00
02-Mar-15 Rs.2549.00 Rs.20392.00 10-Feb-15 Rs.40.60 Rs.37965.00
17-Feb-15 Rs.2575.00 Rs.20600.00 13-Feb-15 Rs.40.60 Rs.37985.00
12-Feb-15 Rs.2578.00 Rs.20624.00 09-Feb-15 Rs.40.90 Rs.38195.00
13-Feb-15 Rs.2579.00 Rs.20632.00 02-Feb-15 Rs.41.00 Rs.38320.00
14-Feb-15 Rs.2581.00 Rs.20648.00 11-Feb-15 Rs.41.00 Rs.38320.00
16-Feb-15 Rs.2583.00 Rs.20664.00 06-Feb-15 Rs.41.30 Rs.38585.00
07-Feb-15 Rs.2584.00 Rs.20672.00 04-Feb-15 Rs.41.30 Rs.38610.00
11-Feb-15 Rs.2591.00 Rs.20728.00 17-Feb-15 Rs.41.40 Rs.38730.00
10-Feb-15 Rs.2592.00 Rs.20736.00 16-Feb-15 Rs.41.70 Rs.38965.00
09-Feb-15 Rs.2593.00 Rs.20744.00 05-Feb-15 Rs.41.70 Rs.38985.00