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Date 22C 1gm 22Carat (1 Sovern) Date Silver (1gm) Silver (1kg)
20-Mar-15 Rs.2472.00 Rs.19776.00 20-Mar-15 Rs.39.10 Rs.36545.00
31-Mar-15 Rs.2481.00 Rs.19848.00 15-Apr-15 Rs.39.10 Rs.36575.00
23-Mar-15 Rs.2484.00 Rs.19872.00 18-Apr-15 Rs.39.20 Rs.36670.00
24-Mar-15 Rs.2485.00 Rs.19880.00 14-Apr-15 Rs.39.40 Rs.36810.00
21-Mar-15 Rs.2491.00 Rs.19928.00 17-Apr-15 Rs.39.50 Rs.36930.00
01-Apr-15 Rs.2492.00 Rs.19936.00 21-Mar-15 Rs.39.50 Rs.36935.00
25-Mar-15 Rs.2492.00 Rs.19936.00 13-Apr-15 Rs.39.50 Rs.36955.00
30-Mar-15 Rs.2505.00 Rs.20040.00 10-Apr-15 Rs.39.60 Rs.37020.00
09-Apr-15 Rs.2507.00 Rs.20056.00 09-Apr-15 Rs.39.60 Rs.37050.00
03-Apr-15 Rs.2510.00 Rs.20080.00 16-Apr-15 Rs.39.70 Rs.37085.00
15-Apr-15 Rs.2513.00 Rs.20104.00 11-Apr-15 Rs.39.70 Rs.37105.00
04-Apr-15 Rs.2513.00 Rs.20104.00 03-Apr-15 Rs.39.90 Rs.37325.00
28-Mar-15 Rs.2514.00 Rs.20112.00 02-Apr-15 Rs.40.00 Rs.37390.00
10-Apr-15 Rs.2517.00 Rs.20136.00 31-Mar-15 Rs.40.00 Rs.37425.00
02-Apr-15 Rs.2519.00 Rs.20152.00 23-Mar-15 Rs.40.30 Rs.37645.00
14-Apr-15 Rs.2520.00 Rs.20160.00 01-Apr-15 Rs.40.40 Rs.37800.00
17-Apr-15 Rs.2524.00 Rs.20192.00 08-Apr-15 Rs.40.70 Rs.38000.00