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What is Gold bond scheme (SGB)

A sovereign gold bond is a simple but a superior alternative to buying gold. Why don't we explain the reason you need to buy a gold bond.

Super Gold Saving Scheme – Thangamayil

For healthy financial stability, the Super Gold Scheme grows your gold holdings at regular intervals.

How to invest redeem sovereign gold bonds

Reserve Bank of India's Mended That the Percent Gram gold price in ₹2,916 If they were issued. Based on investment consultants, SGBs are the...

How to buy Sovereign Gold Bonds through Zerodha

The bond bears a predetermined interest per year that can be paid twice per year. It is possible to read the qualities of these...

How to Buy Gold Bond from Banks

All resident individuals, HUFs, registered entities such as schools, charitable institutions, clubs and societies, venture companies and public or private limited companies can purchase...