Super Gold Saving Scheme – Thangamayil

For healthy financial stability, the Super Gold Scheme grows your gold holdings at regular intervals. Get into gold investing and profit from zero manufacturing and waste expenses when purchasing highly artistic and designer ornaments.

Highlighted Features and Benefits

  • You can open an account with a minimum deposit of Rs. 1000/- and monthly payments in multiples of Rs. 1000/-.
  • The Super Gold programme for 11 months.
  • The monthly instalments can be paid at any Thangamayil Jewellery Limited branch.
  • You may choose between a value-based or a gold-weight-based saving option, giving you even more flexibility.

If you pick the value-based option, you will keep your money as money and, at the end of the maturity term, you will be able to buy gold ornaments or silver items at the current market cost.

If you wish to save in gold, the weight will be converted according on the current board rate of gold on the date, time, and city of payment, and the weight will accrue throughout each instalment.

You are free from making costs and wastes related with the gold jewellery or silver goods you acquire after you reach adulthood.

You may buy gold and silver jewellery and items based on the amount of credit in your account or the weight of gold.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Pay your monthly installments on or before the due date to avail the benefit of zero wastage and zero making charges.
  2. The amount you choose for the first installment will be set as the amount to be paid for every other installments that are to follow. Hence think well before you arrive at a decision on the first installment amount.
  3. This scheme shall cover only jewels available for sale in the showroom and not for customized jewels.
  4. Premature closing of the scheme shall not be entertained.
  5. Super Gold is a unique scheme and cannot be merged, converted or transferred with either new or existing schemes.
  6. Thangamayil reserves every right over the terms and conditions of this scheme and reserves the right to change the conditions at any time.
  7. In case of any change in existing laws, rules, acts, etc., by a Regulatory authority, the necessary requirements have to be complied with, by the customer. Thangamayil Jewellery Limited reserves the right to enforce such a compliance.
  8. The deposited amount will not be refunded as cash, in any case.
  9. Making and wastage charges will be applicable for gold and silver that exceeds the saved/accumulated amount or weight, in the scheme.