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Date24K 1Gm24K 8Gm24K 10Gm22K 1Gm22K 8Gm22K 10Gm
26 May 20225,20441,63252,0404,80538,44048,050
25 May 20225,23641,88852,3604,83738,69648,370
24 May 20225,23441,87252,3404,83538,68048,350
23 May 20225,23041,84052,3004,83138,64848,310
22 May 20225,21641,72852,1604,81738,53648,170
Date24K 1Gm24K 8Gm24K 10Gm22K 1Gm22K 8Gm22K 10Gm

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