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Today Gold Rate in Chennai 24K & 22K

Gold, the precious yellow metal is loved by everyone. As we know India imports most of the gold from foreign countries, Chennai is also one of the major consumers from the imports as there is no direct productivity of gold in Chennai. So the price of gold is varied according to the demand and supply, international markets, local markets, taxes etc.

Gold is not only used for jewelry and it is one of the important sources of investment among people. In Chennai many buyers buy gold as ornaments and in the form of coins. As the demand for gold in the city is increasing, the price of gold is also hiking. The price of gold in Chennai is also determined by The Bullion Association according to the international stock exchange on a daily basis.

A gold savings strategy essentially functions as a recurring banking deposit , except, in this case, the end game is purchasing gold. Therefore, typical gold saving plans allow individuals to deposit a sum of money on a monthly basis as instalments for a certain tenure. At the close of such playoffs, the depositor in question could purchase gold from the concerned jeweller at a value that is equivalent to the aggregate deposit.

Date24K 1Gm (₹)24K 8Gm (₹)24K 10Gm (₹)22K 1Gm (₹)22K 8Gm (₹)22K 10Gm (₹)Details
Date24K 1Gm (₹)24K 8Gm (₹)24K 10Gm (₹)22K 1Gm (₹)22K 8Gm (₹)22K 10Gm (₹)Details

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