What is White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold. Which usually means it is composed of pure gold, mixed with metal metals with a silvery-white coloration, such as palladium silver.

Reason to mix with alloy:

In All gold jewellery, absolute gold needs to be blended with harder metals for extra durability and strength. That is only because on its own, absolute gold is a really soft alloy. Without the harder metal metals keeping it stiff, absolute gold will readily bend out of shape and that’s not any good in jewellery.

The jewellery is produced of gold, rose gold or white gold, as in one or more of those variations, gold on its own could be overly tender.

In white gold, additionally, the silvery-colored metals help create the desirable white tone.

Why is it coated in rhodium?

Apart from the metals blended in with gold, white gold jewellery is also additionally coated at a rare metal called rhodium. Rhodium originates from exactly the exact identical metallic family including platinum.

It adds further strength and durability, and more importantly, really a glistening white layer sheen making it the best metal to coat and protect jewellery.

White gold is produced of pure, real gold. You will be ready to verify your white gold jewellery comprises real gold by taking a look at its hallmark.

All jewellery more than 1 g in weight has to be hallmarked to make certain it comprises the specific total of the licensed prized alloy stated.

Even a hallmarking can be a little emblem stamped on the interior of a piece of jewellery which defines it as avowed and genuine from the strict standards of The Authorities Assay Offices.

Advantages and disadvantages of White Gold:


  • White gold is still a gorgeous, rare metal. It gets the exact same appearance as platinum silver, however, includes a less expensive price than platinum plus is a great deal more hard-wearing compared to just silver.
  • Its neutral shade and durability makes it the ideal setting for several diamonds. It appears amazing and timeless, suited to most outfits and events.
  • It may be the best selection for people that would rather have a white, ivory appearance over gold.


  • As white gold is produced of a variety of pure gold with coated and alloys in rhodium, overtime it will need recoating to keep up its own shade.
  • Though this really is a simple and fairly cheap process which will be done by the majority of jewellers, it might signify you’ll need to become without your engagement or a wedding band for a time of a couple days although it’s being done. Overtime, it is going to increase the total price of the jewellery.

Throughout the past half of a century, white gold has come to be a whole lot more popular compared to classic gold and silver is in fact the very commonly chosen metal for engagement rings. This illustrates its contemporary, versatile appearance, excellent price and higher quality texture.