Jewellery Saving Scheme Saravana Store Chennai

The Scheme enables customers to invest their monthly savings and get the accrued amount to purchase Gold Jewellery.
Four groups are introduced – (Viz.) Rs. 500/-, Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 4000/-

Members who wish to join the scheme have to subscribe Rs.500/-, Rs.1000/-, Rs.2000/-. Rs.4000 (as instalment) every month, according to the group chosen continuously for 11 (Eleven) Months. On the beginning of the 12th (Twelve) Month members will be permitted to buy Gold / Diamond / Platinum/ Silver Jewellery or Silver / Gift Articles of their choice with applicable VA/MC (Value addition & Making charges) for the value as stated below:

Saving Scheme Benifites

  • 11 months continuously without default.
  • Member will be issued with a Pass Book.
  • Members making online remittance can get their pass book entries.

Scheme Detials

Monthly Instalment Total Amount Payable Incentive Value of Gold Jewellery
Eligible to buy (12 Month)
Rs.500 Rs.5500 Rs.500 Rs.6000
Rs.500 Rs.5500 Rs.500 Rs.6000
Rs.2000 Rs.22000 Rs.2000 Rs.24000
Rs.4000 Rs.44000 Rs.4000 Rs.48000