Exchange your old gold – Prince Jewellery


Prince Jewellery has introduced a new plan in which clients may swap their old gold jewellery for new BIS hallmarked 916 jewellery from the company, ensuring that consumers only get to keep hallmarked jewellery.

“With hallmarking becoming necessary, we thought to provide clients the option to swap their old jewellery for new BIS hallmarked jewellery,” said Prince Jewellery of Chennai. This deal is available to both new and current clients. Under the offer, we will also take non-hallmarked jewellery.”

Customers would receive an additional Rs 50 per gramme on the gold price on the day they exchanged their old jewellery, according to the deal. They would also receive a Rs 50 discount when purchasing new jewellery from the brand’s stores. As a result, buyers would receive a Rs 100 discount on gold jewellery exchange.

The store described the procedure as follows: “After extracting valuable stones from the items, the brand would melt old gold jewellery received from the client.” After assessing the gold in a gold testing equipment, the exact weight of the gold would be taken into account. Customers may also see the gold’s actual purity in person.