Nippon India ETF Gold Bees


This is yet another ETF that has decreased in price over the previous year, causing us to recommend a purchase on the ETF. The one-year return is -3.2 percent. In reality, it is one of the largest Gold ETFs, with over 6,000 crores in assets under management. If you want to buy, you can speak with your broker. It is critical to note that Gold ETFs, like all other types of investments, are taxed.

We only included Gold Etfs above since we feel they are the greatest replacement for buying real gold. When you buy and sell gold ETFs, there is very little spread. Allow us to clarify. If you acquire 22 carat real gold, you would spend Rs.45,000, but when you sell it, you may only earn Rs.43,000 for 10 gram.

As we observe the buyers and sellers in Gold ETFs, we notice that ICICI Prudential Gold ETFs has a purchase at Rs 41.93 and a sell at Rs 41.96, assuring gains for investors.