Jeyachandran Thanga Mazhai Jewellery Saving Scheme

This scheme is offered to anyone who wishes to save now to purchase gold in the near future. Customers can contribute as low as Rs.100 to start saving and later purchase gold equivalent to the value accumulated. Jeyachandran gives members of this scheme a bonus of one month’s contribution once 15 months of continuous investment has been made.

Features of Thanga Mazhai Jewellery

  • Customers who are interested in this scheme can open a saving fund with as little as Rs.100.
  • The installment amounts available are Rs.100, Rs.250, Rs.500, Rs.1,000, Rs.2,000, Rs.5,000 and Rs.10,000.
  • The tenure of this scheme is 15 months.
  • Customers must make their monthly installments for 15 continuous months.
  • Once the 15th payment is made, customers are eligible to make their purchase.
  • Jeyachandran will contribute one month’s installment to the fund.
  • Gold jewellery of their choice can be purchased for the value accumulated.

Scheme Detials

Monthly investment Total investment Incentive Total value
Rs.100 Rs.1,500 Rs.100 Rs.1,600
Rs.250 Rs.53,750 Rs.250 Rs.4,000
Rs.500 Rs.7,500 Rs.500 Rs.8000
Rs.1000 Rs.15000 Rs.1000 Rs.16000
Rs.2000 Rs.30000 Rs.2000 Rs.32000
Rs.5000 Rs.75000 Rs.5000 Rs.80000
Rs.10000 Rs.150000 Rs.10000 Rs.160000