How to buy Sovereign Gold Bonds through Zerodha


The bond bears a predetermined interest per year that can be paid twice per year. It is possible to read the qualities of these bonds onto this particular NSE FAQ page. You want to join with your Kite credentials and then also enter the quantity you want to bid for. The matter is available for a particular time, also you’re able to put the order to get units on Coin here.

The orders are set on the market close day. It’s possible to modify/cancel your sequence until afterward. The allotment can take place within 10-15 days, after that you’ll have the ability to visualize it under your holdings.

You need to be certain you have adequate funds on your Equity accounts on the very final afternoon of the problem. Otherwise, we’ll deny your purchase. If you would like to keep away from this, you’re able to agree to make use of the readily available funds in your accounts to set the arrangement partially.

Take a look below:

As an instance, you’ve got Rs 10000/in your accounts. You’re not left paying for your accounts. The issue price of a SGB is R S 4797/. The essential total place this arrangement is Rs. 14931/(4797×3). However, your launching ledger balance on the problem close date will be Rs. 10000/-. In cases like this, you’re in short supply of Rs. 4931/-. For those who have agreed to make utilize of the available capital, subsequently your Rs. 9594/(4797×2) is utilized to get 2 (two ) units of the SGB.

Keep in mind:

  • The device will think about the ledger starting balance of this dilemma close day to set the SGB order.
  • The payins made within 3:30 PM to the dilemma close date would be thought to set the SGB order on the market.
  • Credits from stocks sold or credits in every other section (MF, derivatives etc.) around the dilemma close date won’t be thought to position the SGB purchase order.
  • Zerodha won’t finance your SGB purchase nevertheless, if your account ends in a debit for just about any reason, place allotment of SGB, interest at the rate of 0.05% is going to be charged to the debit balance.