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Today Gold rate in Trichy – 02/11/2006 – ₹ 875

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Before we go to know more about Trichy gold rate today 02/11/2006, first of all, we need to know about the “k” it stands for Karat. Karat is nothing but a scale to measure the ratio of Gold. We know gold is the biggest trade market in the world, it swings metal in India nowadays. Here is the list of gold rate in Trichy as follow

Today 24 Karat Gold rate in Trichy

24 karat is the pure form of gold that is used for investment. It is usually used for making bars and coins to trade. It is naturally more expensive than 22 karats.

24 karat gold rate in Trichy market today 02/11/2006 as follow

1Gram ₹943
8Gram ₹7,544
10Gram ₹9,430

Today 22 Karat Gold rate in Trichy

22 karat gold is commonly used as jewelry; it consists of 91.67% gold and the remaining 8.33% other metals like zinc, nickel, or another alloy. Gold of 22 karats is known as 916 KDM because it comprises 91.67% pure gold.

22 Karat gold rate in Trichy today 02/11/2006 as follow

1Gram ₹875
8Gram ₹7,000
10Gram ₹8,750

Today 1 sovereign Gold rate in Trichy

Savaran (or) Pavan is a unit of gold rate in India. Both the names are used to denote Sovereign. 1 sovereign gold contains 8 grams of gold.

22 Karat 1 Sovereign ₹7,000
24 Karat 1 Sovereign ₹7,544